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CAMBRIDGE CUSTOM TRANSFERS is the name that I have given to the waterslide transfer sheets that I have produced for my own use.

When my ability to print waterslide transfers became known, I was asked to make my sheets available to fellow railway modellers. This I was happy to do on an informal basis, but I had no desire to set up a business as such.

Accordingly, via this web-site, I am able to list the transfer sheets that I have produced, and to make them available to others. My charges are intended simply to cover my costs, and I do not advertise or attend exhibitions.

These transfer sheets are produced by an innovative process, which permits a new standard of image definition and fidelity to the prototype. My production methods allow me to print each transfer sheet as it is ordered by modellers, thus ensuring that the transfers are 'printer-fresh'.

My transfers are of the waterslide type, but are NOT of the type that you might associate with some plastic kits. The varnish carrier film is incredibly thin, and is virtually invisible if correctly applied.

Web Gem Award

The design and content of all products and documents issued by CAMBRIDGE CUSTOM TRANSFERS are the intellectual property of C.J.Isherwood. All copying or reproduction, in whole or part, for commercial or private use, by whatever means are expressly prohibited, except with the written permission of the property owner.
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