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Whilst I cannot offer any form of bespoke or one-off transfer service, I will consider requests for transfer sheets to be added to my range which are not already covered by other manufacturers.

My own specialist knowledge relates to the BR steam era; (ie. from Nationalisation up to the mid-sixties, but not including the later 'boxed' style of rolling stock lettering), so requests should be confined to this period.

Specially requested sheets which are accepted for production will be added to my standard range, and the cost in most cases will therefore be the same as for a standard sheet.

Please note that I cannot consider commissions for other periods, or requests to print from customers' own designs, as the research and formatting involved is prohibitively time-consuming.

Apologies if these conditions exclude your pet project.  I am, after all, just a fellow-modeller who can print transfers. I must keep some time for my own modelling!

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